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Established in the beautiful northwestern portion of San Saba County, Spiral Horn began by offering genetically superior, highly nourished African and other exotics species including Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Gemsbok, and Wildebeest for breeding programs, supplementing existing captive species populations, safari style trophy hunting, or other enjoyment for our clients and guests. Our nearly 500 acres are managed and monitored on a daily basis to ensure the health and vitality of our precious animals. We offer seasonal guided hunts for native species including whitetail, turkey, dove and quail.

Spiral Horn breeders are not pen-raised, rather provided a natural wooded and pasture rich environment with physical separations required to maintain genetic purity between the species that could potentially cross-breed. We maintain appropriate acquisition, health and development, veterinary, reproductive rates, and photo records for each animal.

Our focus remains on breeding genetically superior animals in an environment with exemplary nutrition and habitat management. We supplement the natural food sources with what we believe is the finest protein and mineral supplements specifically engineered for horned exotic animals.

Our entire family remains active in wildlife and hunting services. We actively participate as members in The Exotic Wildlife Association, Trophy Game Records of the World, Records of Exotics, Safari Club International, North American Hunting Club, and the National Rifle Association.

Guided hunts offered on the ranch are provided on a selective basis during certain times of the year. We provide one-on-one guided hunting of select exotics and native species. We know hunting! Mark Hedley is an accomplished hunter and breeder, including holder of several world record trophy species. As testament to his achievements, he was honored with the following Trophy Game Records of the World awards:

2010 Charlie III and Louie Schreiner Memorial Award - In honor of Spiral Horn Ranch efforts to develop herds of rare species using wildlife husbandry, range management, and fair chase hunting as management tools

2006-2007 Hunter of the Year

2006-2007 Modern Arms Hunter of the Year

2006-2007 Sportsman of the Year

2006-2007 Safari Hunter of the Year

Cost of hunts are based upon trophy class of the animals. All hunts are offered with overnight accommodations and meals in our beautiful guest lodge. We provide a fully furnished kitchen, satellite television, and laundry in our lodge for guests desiring a more individual setting. Taxidermy services are offered to our clients desiring the finest mounting services available. Our attention to detail is unrivaled due to our daily observation of wildlife. We understand the difference between a mount on your wall and a piece of living art that you will be proud to tell stories about for future generations.

Spiral Horn Ranch is a family owned and operated working ranch business based upon honesty and integrity. We thank you for an opportunity to serve you. Send us your contact information via our e-mail contact link to request our e-mail newsletter and stay abreast of Spiral Horn Ranch activities.

Mark Hedley

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